08 March 2014

Balance of the Law

We live in our insular worlds; increasing pressure to not disturb the larger systems that are in place-- where does that leave us?

A challenging question for sure; it is difficult to take action against unfairness whether it is police misconduct or failing politicians, responding to the needs of poverty or giving more of ourselves.  Government structures are creating laws that increasingly restrict what public misconduct is as well.

But the world we live in is a complex one, technology for all its amenities has also resulted in the ability for computer smart programmers, to exploit average consumers credit cards; while most of the world love craigslist, how do we contend with the violent behaviors from predatory people? And we are suppose to be able to trust the politicians we put in office to act on our behalf and band together when they do not resulting in someone who does.

The balance of the law is not just about what we expect of the judicial system and legislators, but what our action result in.  In a world where things just keep increasing in size, how do you leverage help when there are so many burgeoning causes-- all of them with meaning and justification for action.  Overwhelmed we often won't disrupt the status quo.  But keep in mind this, the most exciting, meaningful and important events throughout history have been disruptive; disruptive technology, disruptive social moments, even in business there are opportunities that exist because of calculated disruptions that break the mold of what is tradition.

Organizations like policymicpolicemisconduct.net (The CATO Insitute), IPCC, Harvard scientist converting energy into energy, Pew Research, and thousands more mark the importnace of individual actions; more  importantly the power of crowd sourcing-- something we are part of but don't often use. We as individuals have the power like never before to assemble in an interconnected philosophic way, mount our ideas and beliefs and change the world.  It does not always work out with the ease and simplicity we would like it to, sometimes we can even question why bother; but in the end, we have moved the needle, across the arch that bends towards justice.  We as individuals are the balance of the law.

24 February 2014

Sailing Into Spring

Because many of us in the colder climates are thinking about the warmer season ahead, it seemed like an appropriate time to talk about water rather than ice (or melting ice caps or rising water levels).  It is true that all the matters of the environment do not necessarily have to be about pressuring politicians, businesses and consumers to increase consciousness and personal accountability for the environment.  Even environmentalist should make time to enjoy our of our most precious resources-- water, without guilt or frustration.

Recently Boston, Massachusetts held a boat show at a local convention center.  Lots of shiny boats ranging from $60,000 up to $300,000 ( 43.000- 218.000).  As people perused the vast space, one could tell some were in the market for their dream boat, while others were simply gathering information or ideas for what they might like to do with boats they already own.  Still others were only dreaming about boat ownership whether it might be power or sail.

There is no substitute for being out on the open seas; sometimes miles away from the shoreline and all the troubles that come with land-dweller, meetings, relationships, cell calls, text and vm, keeping up with the latest technology or catching your favorite program on television.  Such a space allows one to engage the world with a different sense of meaning.  It is no wonder why so many of the greatest movies, literature and images in our world revolve around water.

If you have not yet sailed and you have access to a friend with a sailboat and water nearby, put more effort to experiencing sailing the open sea.  If a lake or river is your only option, still commit to the experience if you have not up to this point in your life.  The experience can be transformative.

From the moment you approach the launching doc, you immediately feel the sense of anticipation building for this new adventure.  Even experienced sailors get the sense of excitement despite years of sailing.  That first sensation is about detaching from the normal day-to-day experiences that result in boring patterns we have come to accept; it occurs so effortlessly and that's good that's what you want to happen.

As you cast off, and the captain having shared important safety aspect of sailing known to all sailors, your second flow of adrenaline arises with the hint of risk that comes over you from captain's sense of command for sailing.  But it is not long before you fully embrace the thrill of the full sails and sense of fearlessness, with a sort of organized reckless abandon.  The cross winds push over the sail and pull the bow downward against the will of friction, cutting effortlessly through the ocean.  Whirlpools form in the wake of the sea going vessel scrolling intricate designs on the surface of the water.  Close your eyes for a moment, tilt your head back so as to let go of any resistance. You are about to embark on a sensation that only comes from being on the open sea.

Enjoy the moment and remember what this simple pleasure allowed you to lose-- your self.  And if good fortune is in your favor, it will not be your last sail, only your first step.  Sailing may very well be the greatest pleasure you can have across such vastness with little to no impact on the environment that we cherish so much.

12 February 2013

Welcome to Global Environmental News Network

Welcome to Global Environmental News Network. While what you are being introduced to, is merely our blog,  you can expect much more in the near future.  Our formal web site will be developed over the next couple of months.

Speaking of expectations, an appropriate choice of words here; as we venture into this journey of understanding more about our natural environment, how to engage you in it, impacts, and realities, we want you to share your expectation.  Where your beliefs reside, whether we are meeting your expectations and how we can improve the information we plan to deliver to you.

As humans, like all other living organisms we are having a natural impact on our environment, what reflects an imbalance is the rate at which we are impacting our environment.  Unlike other living organisms we have evolved in a way that significantly increases the rate of our intake and output, resulting in a disproportionate affect on the planets resources, in comparison to other living organisms.  And while it can be argued  that each living organism has a different impact, no living organism on the planet has evolved to where its impact has increased as rapidly as that of human beings.

That being said, our goal is to uncover new insights as we help you understand what is occurring and why.  Through our research and reporting, as well as feedback from our followers, we hope to inspire you to accelerate your rate of influence to help minimize and in some instances, reverse the human impact upon the natural environment.

We have some expectation of our own, one of which is to be held accountable for what we share; a pledge to be balanced, fair, and truthful.  While opinions will have an opportunity to be expressed from our journalists as well as our readers, we will not coerce or use scare tactics to bring you the stories that best reflect the events related to our natural environment.  If we make an argument we will ensure that you have a legitimate resource to verify that claim.  More importantly we expect you to push back so that we may look inwardly to test ourselves about any assertions related to our reporting.

With that, welcome.  We look forward to a fully engaging journey as we seek to understand more about our global environmental system that connects us all.

P.S. Leave your comments below.

Scotland M. Willis
Editor in Chief

Global Environmental News Network